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the vinculum - seven of nine fan fiction archive

Welcome to The Vinculum: a fan fiction archive for the Star Trek Voyager character Seven of Nine (played by Jeri Ryan). Being a huge fan of the former Borg and not having come across an archive specifically devoted to Seven in the time that I've been reading fanfic, I decided that just such a site is needed. Some of the stories here are 'adult' in nature or deal with lesbian themes or subtext (sometimes known as slash), so be forewarned if such material is illegal where you live or if you're likely to be offended. The stories are rated for suitability and coded if there is a romantic relationship involved. If you're not sure about the rating system or codes there's an explanation here.

This site needs submissions to grow and prosper (or live long for that matter), so please see my submission guidelines if you have any fanfiction that you want to send in. All authors who appear here and have a web site will get a link; a reciprocal link to this site would be much appreciated but isn't required. If you want to link to the site with a banner one can be found here. Incidentally, although most of the stories here are 'shipper' fics this site isn't limited to fanfic in which Seven is involved in a relationship, and non-relationship based submissions are encouraged.

If you have any questions about the site or you find a broken link, please feel free to email me: Any feedback/suggestions about the site will be gratefully accepted in the forum; you can also discuss fan fiction, Seven of Nine, or just indulge in general Star Trek related discussion there. If you have a spare minute there's a polling booth where you can vote on various Trek related questions.

Your fanfic's lexical and grammatical distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile... but it's worth a try if you really don't want to post a story here.

Good reading ~Anaglyph


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